Welcome to ETS!

Excel Techno Services (ETS) is a Design + Manufacturing unit. The core activity of ETS is providing technical support through the design and manufacture of all kinds of tool room products. ETS’s strategy is to develop new technologies and products to drive future growth on a global scale. The long-term strategic intent is to provide innovative and effective solutions for our customers whilst achieving sustainable earnings and growth for ETS team members.

About Us

Excel Techno Services (ETS) has been established with the aim of providing design and manufacturing solutions for all tool room products. Our focus area and expertise lie in the manufacturing of Wax Injection Moulds for Investment Casting Foundries, Plastic Injection Moulds, Fixtures for manufacturing and inspection, Gauges and Precision machining of components.

Our experience since 2002 in tool engineering reflects in our design which enables us to effortlessly manufacture advanced mould tools.


Viren, the founder of ETS has an academic background in engineering. After five years of shop floor and designing experience, he started a business in 2007 in partnership. In 2012, as a part of business expansion, another unit was started in the same field. After 16 years of experience in this field, Viren has started Excel Techno Services (ETS) in 2018 as an individual ownership firm.

The Team

At ETS, we have a team of enthusiastic engineers. All projects are run, followed up and monitored under the continuous observation of the team leader who is responsible for customer’s final feedback of satisfaction. ETS’s SMART team can be described as:










Time Bound


Our philosophy is that “Cost is the by-product of Quality” and we consider this as one of the potential advantages when choosing “the right supplier”.

In case of companies who require enhanced capacity to accommodate new customers or growing customer requirements, but investment in further infrastructure is not a viable option, outsourcing a percentage of the tooling/machining/castings activity to a low cost operation with standard quality could be a solution. A low cost but accredited operation releases much needed capacity whilst allowing you to retain product margins.

Design and manufacturing are our forte and by controlling the cost we are able to provide total quality satisfaction to our customers.

We Are

  • Fast + Honest + Transparent in communication,
  • Flexible + Innovative in design,
  • Sustainable + Experienced in manufacturing process, and
  • Ethical + Committed to customer confidentiality.

Try us, let’s begin with Non-Disclosure Agreement.


The core activity of ETS is to provide technical support through the designing and manufacturing of all tool room products. Our experience, expertise and area of work in tool room activities include:

  • Wax Injection/Lost Wax Mould (Auto/Semiauto/Manual/Proto tooling)
  • Soluble Wax/Ceramic Core Injection Mould (Auto/Manual/Proto tooling)
  • Plastic Injection Moulds (Engineering plastics)
  • Fixtures for Manufacturing & Inspection
  • Gauges for Inspection
  • Tool Validation (through Trial Sample/Third Party Inspection)
  • Reverse Engineering/Rapid Prototype (through collaborated source)
  • Precision Machining of Cast/Solid Components

The Sectors We Are Serving





Earth moving





Oil & Gas


& More

Product RANGE


Currently we have manufacturing capacity of 10 to 12 moulds per month considering all type of tooling variants; within this, the major share of (75%) is auto tools.

We have a complete tool room set up with different ranges of machineries.

  • CNC Milling Machine – 1000 x 500 x 500
  • CNC Milling Machine – 800 x 500 x 500
  • CNC Milling Machine – 500 x 400 x 450
  • EDM Machine – 400 x 300 x 400
  • Precision Lathe Machine – Swing over Ø400mm
  • Pillar Drill Machine – Capacity Ø38mm
  • All measuring instruments required for Quality Assurance


Precision and Quality are our greatest concerns. In Excel Techno Services (ETS), our mission is to apply and sustain the Quality Management System in conformity with international quality standards – ISO 9001:2015 – in all aspects of our operations.